Iceland — Day 3

image-22After another nice night in our little camper van, we headed over to Sistrafoss.
A short drive later we found ourselves amidst a sizeable crowd of tourists exploring Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon.


After the slight disappointment on the previous day we decided to try our luck with F208 again and started crawling northbound. We were rewarded by a whole lot of amazing scenery. Unfortunately the pictures can merely convey an idea of the landscape.


We headed up to Landmannalaugar and had a quick bath in the hot springs there.


After Landmannalaugar we made our way further up north on F208 and F228 to Veiðivötn to enjoy another amazing viewpoint.
This is our trusty steed up there 🙂


Given the steady switch between rain and sunshine we saw a gazillion rainbows, this shall serve as representation for them:


At the end of the day we were treated to a nice sunset


This is the route for day 3:


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