Block Island Triathlon

On the first August weekend we made our way to the Block Island Triathlon down in RI.
While our results weren’t too glorious, we weren’t last and we had a ton of fun 🙂


Sunrise on the ferry
At the beach before the race
Signed up and ready 🙂
Done and exhausted on the ferry back to the mainland 🙂
Our phones said: flooding in the area. no kidding.

Fundy Adventure Rally

This year I went up to the Fundy Adventure Rally in NB. Heading up I decided to use a truck, which ended up being a good thing 😉 More on that further down.

It was scary driving her up into the truck 😉

We had a tremendously fun time exploring the area around Adair’s Wildernis Lodge.

deep in the woods
exhausting ride in deep sand along the beach
but really nice company
Marc in the background: Wait, picture first!


That last one was during a BMW offroad training 😉

Unfortunately things took a bit of a downward turn when the KTM 690 I demoed threw me off and decided to land on top of my foot:

swelling begins
still havin fun 😉


Fibia and some metatarsals broken … oh well. It’ll heal. Lessons learned: small bikes are a lot more jumpy than the multi 🙂