The new season of Diablo kicking off last Friday’s night made us change our routine of hiking on Saturday and instead hiked on Sunday.
We have noticed that usually we hit more traffic on Sunday’s compared to Saturday’s and we decided to wake up at 4 AM to see if that would make our drive back better. I think it did, it was not perfect but better than our previous experiences on Sunday’s hikes.
We hiked the North and South Twin peaks. The first half up was mostly flat, with three easy water crossings. I still needed my walking poles to help me balancing the jumps between rocks though.
The second half was really challenging, most of the elevation gain was in that second half, very rocky terrain as anyone should expect in New England.
We found out on our way back that our downhill muscles were not tired and once we passed the rocky steep part we started trail running most of the trail on our way back to the car.
Surprisingly no mosquitos, maybe the mosquito season is ending?

IMG 20190825 071400
IMG 20190825 081138
IMG 20190825 091914
IMG 20190825 111217
2019 08 25 09 16 04 372
2019 08 25 10 17 19 583
PANO 20190825 101242 vr

Point Reyes hike

This was our second weekend hiking in Cali. We started thinking that the nice weather and almost zero mosquitos were not a one-time good luck thing. Unfortunately the same goes for the long traffic lines on the way back to the SF area, not a one-time bad luck event.

The hike was quite enjoyable and not very challenging, even though the elevation gain was around the 3000 feet spread out over 15 miles distance. We could see why someone described Mt Wittenberg summit as creepy.

Only the last 2-mile section was annoyingly crowded, most of the people going in the opposite direction. We decided at some point to just ignore the crowds and not say hi anymore. They did not say hi either, so I guess the trick is to avoid eye contact :).

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2019 08 03 09 46 47 743
2019 08 03 10 32 25 881
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