Colorado Day 2:

On the second day we worked our regular East Coast hours, so we had some time to explore in the afternoon. For starters we went with a very short trail:

We didn’t quite expect the elevation change to impact us so much, but as it turns out, we’re also dependent on our red blood cells for oxigen delivery. As a result even the little elevation change was quite exhausting. Apparently going from sea level (Boston) to 9000+ ft makes a difference in what we can do 😉

Some more pictures:

Fab trotting up the trail:
2019 08 29 15 14 49 392
Day1 CO 1
Made a new friend:
Day1 CO 2
View onto Dillon:
Day1 CO 3
View onto Royal, Victoria, and Peak 1:
Day1 CO 4

Day1 CO 5
Day1 CO 6
Lily pad lake:
PANO 20190829 154400 vr

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