Iceland — Day 3

image-22After another nice night in our little camper van, we headed over to Sistrafoss.
A short drive later we found ourselves amidst a sizeable crowd of tourists exploring Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon.


After the slight disappointment on the previous day we decided to try our luck with F208 again and started crawling northbound. We were rewarded by a whole lot of amazing scenery. Unfortunately the pictures can merely convey an idea of the landscape.


We headed up to Landmannalaugar and had a quick bath in the hot springs there.


After Landmannalaugar we made our way further up north on F208 and F228 to Veiðivötn to enjoy another amazing viewpoint.
This is our trusty steed up there 🙂


Given the steady switch between rain and sunshine we saw a gazillion rainbows, this shall serve as representation for them:


At the end of the day we were treated to a nice sunset


This is the route for day 3:


Iceland — Day 2

We started the day out by taking another peak at Seljalandsfoss

Checking out Skogafoss

A quick hike to the Sólheimajökull glacier

And Reynisfjara Beach

Afterwards we wanted to make our way towards Landmannalaugar, unfortunately for that day F208 was closed between the ringroad and Landmannalaugar. So we tried to go a different way. We ended up having to turn around both on F233 and F210, but didn’t regret a single minute, as it was pretty awesome 🙂





In the end we camped at Kirkjubær II

Iceland — Day 1

After arriving in Iceland in the early morning, we picked up our gocamper and headed into Reykjavik for some breakfast.

Stocking up on some provisions we headed out to drive along the coast to head west a little bit. We stopped a bunch of times of course:


We ended up at the campsite next to Seljalandsfoss for our first night:

And actually got to see a little light show in the evening!

The d
ays driving:

Bows, arrows, and getting lost on the way to icecream.

This weekend we went to a little event by For both of us, this was the first venture into archery. While the arrows did actually have pointy tips, the only casualty of the day was one of the arrows, who tragically lost some feathers 🙂


On Sunday we join what seemed to be a big crowd of people walking up Mt Lafayette/Lincoln. Sore legs and a slight sunburn were the result. As an interesting side note, we a got a hint about a the quick weather changes in the whites. Going between winter gloves and sweaty t-shirt in the matter of hours.

Into the clouds we go:

Lafayette peak:

Looking back, after the clouds clear a bit:



On the way down (Falling waters trail):

Escaping 4th of July chaos

393 mile(632km) trip to Mtl

For this months’ traveling we decided to escape the chaos that usually unfolds around the 4th of July celebrations in the US (note, they’re celebrating independence day, i.e. #brexit1776).
However, keeping true to our approach of not planning things too thoroughly, we of course failed to realize that our chosen escape area hosted its own set of chaos:

Canada150 day and the Montreal Jazz Festival.

On Saturday we made our way up to Montreal via the lovely VT-100 Scenic byway, stopping in Burlington and crossing into QC in Noyan/Alburgh.

(rainy and cloudy on the way up)

So we found ourselves diving into the masses in Montreal on Canada day 2017. We stayed at a little Airbnb in Saint-Henri

Some more impressions from the days

Jazz festival
Le Grand Defi (1000km bicycle race) finale area

A lot of art on the buildings in Montreal
Pulled duck poutine!!!!!

Fancy houses on Mont Royal
Metro tunnels also look fancy here (at least without people)
Chilling after walking around all day
Paper rolls during a concert

Marché Atwater

On the way back we went biking on rails 😉 


Stormy skies
Magnetic Hill — a tourist trap. Pretty much: Look at the road! 

Georgiana Falls in the White Mountains (on the way back)

And this concluded our little escape from Independence Day chaos.  We hit surprisingly little traffic on the way back and had some oysters to conclude the weekend.