Colorado – Day 3: Mt Evans

On the third day we decided to recover a bit and went for a drive again. The highest paved road in North America is conveniently only about an hour away from Dillon. So we decided to pay Mt Evans a visit. While quite touristy, it still afforded us quite some nice views. At 14,271ft (4350 m) we felt the elevation quite a bit again and we were quite happy we didn’t try to hike it 😉

Morning from our cabin:
Day3 CO 1

Observatory on top of Mt Evans:
Day3 CO 2

Day3 CO 3

Wild mountain goat roaming through the parking lot:
Day3 CO 4

Another goat:
Day3 CO 5

Melting waters:
Day3 CO 6

Day3 CO 7

We better get out of here:
Day3 CO 8