Mt Washington (10/26)

This weekend we finally tackled Mt Washington. While it took us a bit longer than we expected (about 12h round trip). In the end it was a rewarding hike, with some nice views on the way up and down. The top was in clouds…
It was interesting to go from high 50s to low 20s and back in a day. This was also our first taste of winter this year, looking forward to skiing!

We took Glenn Boulder/Davis Path/Crawford Path approach.

Some Pictures!

IMG 20191026 133639

Colorado – Day 11: Willow Lakes

After some quiet days with a lot of scattered rain, we hiked up to the Willow lakes. It was another 3000ft elevation hike, but we felt a lot better than before.
Also the first time we really started in the dark (with headlamps), which was interesting. We didn’t run into any wildlife though. They were probably scared by all the (bow)hunters we saw.

Day11 CO 1

Day11 CO 2

Day11 CO 3

Day11 CO 4

Day11 CO 5

Fab trying hiking poles for the first time;)
2019 09 07 09 19 42 703

Day11 CO 6

Day11 CO 7

Day11 CO 8

Day11 CO 9

Colorado – Day 8: Tony

After having a little recovery after the big hike, we did a small loop to Rainbow Lake after work. On the way back on Masontown trail we encountered Tony. Tony was generally friendly and didn’t say much. However, he was also quite adamant about us not continuing on that particular trail. We ended up taking a little detour.

In case you’re wondering, this is Tony:

Day8 CO 1

Colorado – Day 6: Walk around Mt Buffalo

On the 6th day we finally did another big hike. We decided to go with a loop around Mt Buffalo ( It ended up being 13.2 miles (21.2km) and 3400ft elevation gain (1036m), since we used a different trail head than in the linked map.

We started before sunrise and had really beautiful views on the way up.

This time with more pictures of Fab πŸ˜‰

Sunrise through the trees:
Day6 CO 2

Sketchy bridges:
Day6 CO 3

Mt Buffalo:
Day6 CO 4

Fab in front of Mt Buffalo:
2019 09 02 11 19 30 367

Looking towards Red Peak:
Day6 CO 5

Melting water lakes:
Day6 CO 6

Fab taking pictures …. again:
2019 09 02 11 46 03 537

2019 09 02 11 52 15 320

2019 09 02 12 07 39 548

Day6 CO 7

Liz was also around:
Day6 CO 8

Colorado – Day 4: Almost Peak 1

On our fourth day in Summit County we decided to try and tackle Peak 1 and the Tenmile peak. Emphasis on ‘try’ as the altitude did beat us in the end we turned around short of Peak 1 summit. Of course not without having enjoyed a lot of great views past Victoria summit.
Overall we still managed to do about 3400ft (1036m) of elevation in a little over 6 miles. Definitely felt a lot better compare to our short outing before.

A couple more pictures this time:

Morning sun:
Day4 CO 1

Gaining some elevation:
Day4 CO 2

What much of the trail looked like:
Day4 CO 3

Day4 CO 4

More interesting trees:
Day4 CO 5

2019 08 31 08 06 42 658

Day4 CO 6

Day4 CO 7

Day4 CO 8

2019 08 31 09 22 20 313

Day4 CO 9

Day4 CO 11

Day4 CO 12

Day4 CO 13

Day4 CO 14

Dillon from our highest point (a stone throw short of Peak 1):
Day4 CO 15

Colorado Day 2:

On the second day we worked our regular East Coast hours, so we had some time to explore in the afternoon. For starters we went with a very short trail:

We didn’t quite expect the elevation change to impact us so much, but as it turns out, we’re also dependent on our red blood cells for oxigen delivery. As a result even the little elevation change was quite exhausting. Apparently going from sea level (Boston) to 9000+ ft makes a difference in what we can do πŸ˜‰

Some more pictures:

Fab trotting up the trail:
2019 08 29 15 14 49 392
Day1 CO 1
Made a new friend:
Day1 CO 2
View onto Dillon:
Day1 CO 3
View onto Royal, Victoria, and Peak 1:
Day1 CO 4

Day1 CO 5
Day1 CO 6
Lily pad lake:
PANO 20190829 154400 vr


The new season of Diablo kicking off last Friday’s night made us change our routine of hiking on Saturday and instead hiked on Sunday.
We have noticed that usually we hit more traffic on Sunday’s compared to Saturday’s and we decided to wake up at 4 AM to see if that would make our drive back better. I think it did, it was not perfect but better than our previous experiences on Sunday’s hikes.
We hiked the North and South Twin peaks. The first half up was mostly flat, with three easy water crossings. I still needed my walking poles to help me balancing the jumps between rocks though.
The second half was really challenging, most of the elevation gain was in that second half, very rocky terrain as anyone should expect in New England.
We found out on our way back that our downhill muscles were not tired and once we passed the rocky steep part we started trail running most of the trail on our way back to the car.
Surprisingly no mosquitos, maybe the mosquito season is ending?

IMG 20190825 071400
IMG 20190825 081138
IMG 20190825 091914
IMG 20190825 111217
2019 08 25 09 16 04 372
2019 08 25 10 17 19 583
PANO 20190825 101242 vr

Ben Johnson Dipsea Trail

We redeemed ourselves from all the broken rules pretty quickly just one day after our first hike in San Francisco. This time we did a loop hiking part of the Ben Johnson and part of the Dipsea Trail. We learned that the Dipsea route is the oldest cross-country race in the United States, it started in 1905!! And here we were, thinking that cross-country races were something relatively new, ha!

We were very well prepared for this hike with our camelbacks filled out with water, sunscreen, bug spray we surprisingly did not need, emergency kit, no cotton clothing, snacks and what not.

This was definitely not a baby-hike considering the 10.4 mile and overall 3048 ft elevation gain. Very different from the east coast hikes in New England: during this loop we almost did not encounter any rocks, there were plenty of switch-backs (barely seen in New England), only one mosquito made contact, the creek trail was very dry (and no creek in sight).

IMG 20190728 071946
IMG 20190728 072151
IMG 20190728 080829
IMG 20190728 092205
IMG 20190728 092634
IMG 20190728 095245
2019 07 28 09 52 57 893
2019 07 28 09 21 49 663
IMG 20190728 094234

Big Basin RedWoods State Park

During what would be our first hike in San Francisco, we definitely broke some very basic hiking rules -hopefully I will not get banned from AMC a.k.a. Appalachian Mountain Club and not to be confused with AMC Theatres. To be fair, we started the day at 3:30 AM EST for a 6AM six-hour-long flight from Boston to SF and went directly to the hike after a brief stop at the hotel just to leave our big bags at the lobby (it was quite early to check in and get our room). Also, we had previously decided to do a hike we would categorize as baby-hike: 4.3 mile loop and 603 ft elevation, so the broken rules had barely any impact;)

IMG 20190727 151839
IMG 20190727 160552
IMG 20190727 160714
IMG 20190727 161531
IMG 20190727 162406
IMG 20190727 164859
IMG 20190727 175229